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Description of Company

For us at Matthew Clark , serving that perfect drink is part of a much bigger journey. From where the ingredients are found, formed and bottled, to how the product is sold, served and then finally tasted. It’s the length of our 200 years of history sourcing and supplying every type of drink that gives us the knowledge of delivering a great customer drinking experience. Matthew Clark

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Magners Original

The original cider.  Apples served over ice.

Made with 17 different apples, pressed, and left for a couple of years to get extra tasty, it’s crisp, refreshing, and the best way to celebrate, well, pretty much anything. Best served chilled with great mates.

Original Draught

Original taste, on draught.

The only way to embrace the dark side… Bursting with sharp blackcurrant and jammy berries, our new Magners Dark Fruit cider is a refreshing addition to the Magners family.

Orchard Pig Reveller

A celebration of Somerset – snort in the hearty aroma of West Country cider apples. Crisp, refreshing and lightly sparkling cider with a tangy note of freshly squeezed limes.


Italy’s oldest continuously producing brewery, located in the northern town of Biella. Brewed with glacial water direct from the Alps, barley from the Champagne region, and floral, fruity Hallertau hops from Bavaria, then matured for 30 days in underground caves.


Created in association with the Abbey of the Order of Premontre, Heverlee is inspired by the beers first brewed by the monks in medieval times. We blend the subtle sweetness wrought by a malt and maize mash with the distinctly bitter aroma of Saaz – the world’s most expensive hop – to create a deliciously refreshing Belgian Pils style beer.