Here at Love Your Pub we can help you with all your design needs from poster templates to a whole rebrand we can do it all for you keeping it consistent. These can be printed externally or used digitally. We are experienced in producing print-ready or digital design all started from scratch. We will discuss your needs and come up with lots of different ideas for you to choose from to complete your design projects.

Logo Design
A logo is important, it can inspire people and it is what makes your venue stand out, it can be a prominent part of your venue and people wont forget it. If they see it on social media, menus, leaflets etc they will remember you. It needs to stand out and we can help. Firstly we will talk through with you your visions on how it looks and come up with some different concepts for you ready for sign off. Once it’s ready we will send you in different formats to be used in print or digitally. The logo can then be used on a range of other things we can help you with like:

Poster Templates 
Social Media Templates & Banners
Watermark for Images
Email Templates
Website Banners

Below is an example of two logo concepts we came up for customers based on conversations we had with them to make it exactly what they were looking for*.

*These logos were not the final sign offs.

We can help come up with ideas for a whole new rebrand. We can make it simply, easily and as quickly as you need. Making just a few small changes can freshen up how your venue is seen. We can discuss with you if you want to change colours, you may have an existing logo or templates you want tweaked. Whatever it is here at Love Your Pub we can help.  Below is an example of a venue that changed their name so we came up with a whole new logo, colour scheme and this was then used on their menus, on their website and across all their social media. It made it look consistent and like a whole new venue and not just a name change!

Take a look at more examples of our work below. If there is something you are looking for but don’t see on this page or you would like more information and examples please do not hesitate to contact us on and we can help you further.