About Makro , Segensworth Hampshire 

“Making You Money & Saving You Money”

Makro , Segensworth part of the Booker Group are one of the largest composite trade wholesale partner in the region.


The team of dedicated deliveryman can deliver 6 days a week within the city.

Catering Development Manager

Andrew Collins is the Catering Development Manager in Gosport, Fareham & the surrounding areas.

Creating key relationships is pivotal between you our customer & Makro.

We are flexible in our approach & dedicated to form a business relationship with you to help your business become more profitable.

We can discuss potential credit options with you & design a package to suit you & your business needs.

Makro are a composite supplier meaning they have the categories & range to help support most areas of your business:

Fully trained Butchers & Fishmongers are on hand to not only give you some of the best in quality but also talk to you about techniques & methods in getting the best out of your produce tailored to fit your requirements.

  • Frozen
  • Non – Food
  • Cleaning
  • Catering Equipment
  • Butchery
  • Fishmongery
  • Food

Please get in touch & we will be happy to arrange a meeting with you to discuss your business.

Andrew Collins – Catering Development Manager
Makro , Segensworth

2-4 Dewar Close,
PO15 5UP

Store number:
01489 885131

07432 612685

Catering Development Manager
Andrew Collins


Opening Hours:

Friday 07:30 -20:00
Saturday 07:30-18:30
Sunday 08:30-17:00
Monday 07:30-19:00
Tuesday 07:30 -19:00
Wednesday 07:30-20:00
Thursday 07:30-20:00