Description of Company

Built by hospitality experts who place supporting the industry at the heart of everything they do, OrderPay was created by ex-senior execs from the likes of McDonald’s, Accenture and Pret. As a result, the business was founded as a profit-sharing coalition, with 30% of OrderPay’s profits shared with its industry partners. 

OrderPay is the fastest, most comprehensive and cost-effective order and pay system on the market. OrderPay is used in over 1600 sites and trusted by Stonegate, Fuller’s, Frontier Pubs, Hawthorn, Gaucho, Wasabi, Cote and many other operators.

Our ever-growing list of features is designed to help you grow your business – driving bigger baskets, bigger tips and repeat visits. 

  • £0 per month, £0 set up fee, no minimum term 
  • 1.95% transaction-only pricing, inclusive of all payment fees 
  • App, Web or App Clips – no download required & faster than web! 
  • Standalone or integrated POS options 
  • The only service to include tabs, tipping & gifting

We’re on a mission to end the great British tradition of queuing. No more jostling at the bar. No more orders shouted at the bar staff. We make ordering, paying and tipping seamless, leaving you and your staff to do what you do best.



Customer & Operator Features

Whether you’re a single or multi-site operator, we’ve got you covered. Set the brand for all your sites or tailor it for each location. Both our web solution and app will fully reflect your brand. We can integrate with your POS so orders go straight to your till or you can manage orders on any smart device.

View orders by service area (e.g. Bar or Kitchen), add notes, and instantly update stock availability – with items automatically coming back in stock at a set time or when reset. You can also manage refunds if required and adjust service availability to help at peak times.

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and make better business decisions with rich data collected through OrderPay. Plus access your order history and download a report at any time.

Enable customers to order when they want, how they want. Whether ordering via their phone, a waiter, or both, your customers can pay whenever they’re ready through their phone. Rapid reordering & convenient payment for your customers, bigger baskets for you.

With OrderPay, your customers can send gifts for your brand or venue to their friends & family in seconds. Gifts are easy to personalise with a photo & quick to send via Whatsapp, email or social media.

Tipping Encourage bigger tips with tipping at checkout or post-transaction. You can also include a service charge or allow customers to donate or round-up for charity at checkout.

Click & Collect
Allow customers to skip the queue by ordering & paying in advance & collecting their order once notified or at a scheduled time up to 48 hours in advance.
Hotel, campus, or arena? Collect the location details you need to deliver an order to a customer’s hotel room, seat, or car.