About Us at Love Your Pub

Our Story…

We have worked within the UK Drinks market now for over 10 years  for some of the worlds largest Spirit, Wine, Beer & Cider companies.

This gave us a wealth of knowledge working alongside some of the best Independent & National Retailers across the UK.

Our passion has always been working with premium brands, great operators & LOVELY establishments to deliver LOVELY front end consumer experiences to the public.

These core values & principles gave us the confidence, passion & desire to launch The Love Your Pub Group.

What do we do?

  • We engage & bring together retailers,suppliers & consumers at a grass roots level even closer than before through a quality but simple online platform.
  • Our venues have access to a directory of niche suppliers & brand owners who are available across the UK.  We are extremely proud of local suppliers their production values & the great stories of heritage and sustainability.
  • We tell “REAL TIME” stories on behalf of our venues on a weekly basis  & are proud to talk about the LOVELY things that are happening for the public to then enjoy with their LOVED ones.

Where did we come from?

The concept for The Love Your Pub Group came from our own experiences which often resulted in frustrations trying to find LOVELY places. Often the information came with prejudices sometimes with unfair criticisms, lack of details & most of the time out of date information.

We wanted a “one-stop” shop approach for all kinds of venues that were all in one place & easily categorised. The site had to be both simple to navigate & without prejudice for the public to explore & enjoy.

The Love Your Pub Group is different to anything out in the UK market.We are all about “REAL TIME” information from a credible source.

The small details are important, the correct menus, images & video tutorials even the Chefs preparing their favourite seasonal dishes.

We LOVE to work with individuals who pride themselves on inspiring quality & share the same values as us which we believe our followers in tandem embrace.

Therefore its with great pleasure that we give you a warm welcome to the wonderful world of

The Love Your Pub Group & our team x

Key Team Members

David Bevan, Owner & Managing Director
Rachel Hardy, My Confident & Rock xx

Rachel & Myself really hope you enjoy using The Love your Pub Group! It has been designed with both Love & Passion with you fully at the heart of what we do. We want to bring together the public and licensed operators closer together than ever before to really share the “Great” in Great Britain across Pubs, Hotels, Restaurants & Bars x