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Love Your Licensing is the collaboration of Love Your Pub and afterhours, part of the Napthens Group

Elevate your business with AfterHours,

your indispensable partner for alcohol licensing services. Your alcohol licence is the lifeblood of your establishment. Compliance with the law is non-negotiable. As a dedicated licensing service within the esteemed Napthens group, a legal firm with over 25 years of expertise in licensing, AfterHours is committed to ensuring the success and legal compliance of your business in the licensed trade.

Having been at the forefront of the Licensing Act 2003 since its inception, our specialists possess unparalleled experience and knowledge. We understand the heavily regulated nature of the licensing system and the importance of trading with confidence.

AfterHours is your go-to resource for comprehensive licensing support.


Our services encompass:

  • Practical & down-to-earth advice over the phone (free and at any time).
  • Submission of all licensing applications (new licenses, transfers, change of DPS, personal licenses, and more).
  • Accredited Personal License courses.
  • Full range of compliance training courses.
  • Compliance audits.
  • Due diligence forms.
  • Insurance – Indemnity against any type of action against the premises license under Napthens Group insurance.

AfterHours is your dedicated partner, simplifying and securing every aspect of your licensing needs. With AfterHours by your side, you will have peace of mind and can focus on serving your customers.

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