Pub Open Days In Cardiff – Join The Team From Marstons At The City Arms 25/10/2022 !

Are you looking for Pub Open Days in Cardiff ? – Join Marstons At The City Arms On 25/10/2022 !

Discover more about running a Marston’s pub on our self-employed Retail agreement by attending our day when you can meet Area Managers and current Marston’s retail partners and learn how you could run your own pub with all our support

You can register your attendance on the link here

You’ve always wanted to be your own boss. Always had hundreds of ideas buzzing round your head about what you’d do with your own pub. You’ve got everything in place and you’re ready to get stuck into building a better future for yourself. And that’s why you’re here now – nothing can stop you.

Pub Open Days In Cardiff – Join Marstons On 25/10/2022 !


Run A Pub In Cardiff – Marstons Pub Open Day At The City Arms 25/10/2022

It’s time to free your ambition as a Marston’s pub partner!

Our pubs help bring communities together, they’re a place where strangers become friends, families reunite, and celebrations are enjoyed. Marstons have got lots of opportunities for people to join them as self-employed pub partners. Explore their site to find out why a partnership with Marston’s is a great opportunity and discover the agreement types they offer.

We’re here to support and guide you through the process, so, if you’re interested, get in touch today.

Meet James, Laura & Hayley From Marstons At The Black Bull On 18/10/2022 !

You can register your attendance on the link here

Pub Open Days In Cardiff – Join Marstons On 25/10/2022 !


“Whenever we ask our people why they love working at Marston’s, the answer is usually the same – “It feels like a family and we’re proud of the company and work we do!”. This is the essence of why people want to work with Marston’s.

Our teams are real community heroes that bring people together to create happy, memorable and meaningful experiences; from local charity fundraisers, care packages for the lonely or vulnerable to serving the perfect drink and meal for every occasion – we could not be prouder of the work our Marston’s family do to create the moments that matter for our guests and the wider community.

We offer a selection of pubs nationwide from wet led locals to busy food pubs. If you are ready to take the next step to start to building your career in the pub trade whether you are an experienced pub manager or new to the trade and want our help and support, then we have plenty of opportunities available for you.”

Gill Minor

Run A Pub In Cardiff – Marstons Pub Open Day At The City Arms 25/10/2022

Run a pub in Cardiff

That idea you’ve always had about running your own pub – always seemed like a distant dream, didn’t it? Bet you never realised it was just a £5k security deposit away (plus legal fees) with a Marston’s retail agreement. Your earnings will be based on a percentage of weekly net turnover and for those of you interested in delivering a food offer, the agreement may include one of our branded food menus.

We’ve been working with this type of agreement for 10+ years now and have invested £3 million in our Retail Agreement pubs over the last year alone. People love them because they allow you to:

Be your own boss and work from home, with no commute
Live rent-free with no bills except Council Tax
Get your personal licence
Feel incentivised to grow the business and earn more
Access our support teams whenever you need them – from Beer & Quality Technicians to a dedicated Area Manager and Marketing team
Give your customers access to the brilliant range of Marston’s beers, wines, spirits and minerals – plenty of it award-winning!
All of your stock, including food, is supplied for free by Marston’s, although you will be responsible for managing it once it has been delivered
Call on us to cover the cost of repairs, fixtures and fittings
Learn all about Business Development Review Planning, Commercial Excellence and more over the first week’s induction training
Spend the first two days on the job settling in with full supervision on-site
Enjoy close support from the Marston’s team in the weeks after the initial induction training

You can register your attendance on the link here

Gary – City Arms, Cardiff

I got a call off Marston’s and decided to come back on the Retail Agreement at The City Arms. To be fair, really really good, really happy. I am lucky because I’m in such a lovely location. And takings wise I’m opposite the Principality Stadium. In all fairness Marston’s have been supportive, they give me pretty much everything I ask for. I think it’s a great system to be honest, provided you pick the right pub. I knew the type of pub I wanted to manage and you know Marston’s approached me I didn’t approach them and it was a no brainer for me. I said yes there and then because obviously I’m from Cardiff and managed pubs in the city centre so I knew the potential.

At Marston’s there’s some good area managers about, Terri Hill has been really supportive.
Where did you hear about the self employed opportunities? You said Marston’s approached you?
I already knew about the retail agreement.

When I was approached and asked to take on a retail agreement at this particular pub, The City Arms, it was a no brainer because I love the trade.

What are the benefits of being self-employed compared to when you were at a managed site?
I just love the independence of it to be honest. It’s just the fact you’ve got that freedom. Number one you don’t book any holidays, you just book them yourself because you’re paying for them. Secondly, it’d getting your own accountant it makes the job easier because you can spend the time in the pub working and not at the office.

What would you say to anyone considering making the move to self employed?
I’d say yes, make sure you do your homework in regards to the pub. Make sure they do a good SWOT analysis. If they’re taking on a pub they already have, they should know if it’s going to work or not.
I’ve signed for a 5 year agreement, which is great because I know where I’m going to be for the next 5 years, I have some stability.
It’s a good business, I’m happy, really happy.

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