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Love Your Telecoms is the brainchild of two established south coast companies, Love Your Pub and YO Telecom.

Trusted with over 11+ million calls annually in the hospitality sector, we can offer phone and broadband systems all designed to increase efficiency and customer experience.

At Yo Telecom, we make strong bonds with our customers. We’re passionate about being more than just a telecommunications provider. That’s why everything we do is to increase the success of the business we work with. From modernised systems, packed with game-changing features, all the way to our Customer Support and Training, we want you to operate with as much ease as we can provide. You concentrate on your business, we’ll handle the communications.

Fast, secure, reliable connection across your entire venue.

“We have been with YoTelecom for the last 4 years and we have now just renewed our contract. We are very pleased with the service we are getting. We have a special package which allows us to communicate with someone 24/7 which is great if we run into an issue. Nathan and Ben are both great to work with. They have designed a new ordering system for us and I can’t wait to get it in. Highly recommend them.”

David Young
Noura Restaurants

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