Johnny Black Photography

Johnny Black Photography 

I’m an award-winning photographer based in Portsmouth, covering the UK and Europe mainly, but will travel the world to get your memorable captures.

Questions you should be asking

  1. Who will be taking the photos? I will be and if required an additional photographer, but it will be me as the primary photographer.
  2. Are you insured? Yes I am, I have a public liability photographers cover and for my equipment too.
  3. Are all the images in your portfolio from a wedding? Yes. I do not hire models to act as the Bride and Groom — every photo is from an actual wedding.
  4. Do we get a wedding album? Yes of sorts. You get a 40-page coffee table book (Gold & Platinum) and a disc or USB stick of edited photos.
  5. Are you a member of an accredited organisation? Yes. I am a member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP).
  6. Can I see a copy of your contract? Yes. A contract safeguards both you and myself by clearly defining exactly what we can expect from each other in terms of coverage on the wedding day and access to the images thereafter.
  7. What happens if you are incapacitated on the day? I have a network of photographers, whom I know well, who could step in should the worst happen. I carry spare cameras, lenses, cards, and have a very well-maintained vehicle.
  8. Do I receive a copy of the images on disk? Yes. When it comes to your wedding photos, quality beats quantity every time. Selected images will, at the very least be cropped, colour-corrected, and some will be provided in black and white and colour.
  9. Who has copyright over the photos? I do, but I give you printing rights. You are free to reproduce the images in any way you would like (email, prints, canvases, Facebook, etc) but not use them for competition or to sell on.
  10. How many other weddings will you be covering the same day? Just yours, unless you have only booked me for the morning.


“The Love Your Pub Group recognises Johnny Black Photography as a fantastic producer of trade related photography as a premium option to our own in house photography. If you own a venue and are looking for a large portfolio of images Johnny Black Photography is a great point of contact to deliver a fantastic service to your business.”


1, St.Vincent Road